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TC Electronics PolyTune

Tuning used to be a necessary evil. The last barrier before you could get truly rocking. But now, tuning is ready to get blasted into the 21st century with PolyTuneTM, the stomp-box sized tuning miracle from TC Electronic!

PolyTuneTM is the world's first polyphonic tuner, and a game-changing total tuning turnaround that will have future guitarists wondering how we ever got by without it.

Simply tune string by string or strum a chord and the tuner will tell you which strings are out....brilliant



Cases. Check out our full range of cases. We carry Hiscox, MBT, SKB, Golden Gate, Rockcase, CNB and many more. We have sizes for Classical, Dreadnought, Mandolin, Ukulele and more


Dunlop Slides. We carry a full range of Jim Dunlop slides in Glass, Brass, Steel and Ceramic. We also have a full range of Dunlop and Shubb Pearse Tone Bars. Our range will fully cater to the lap and bottleneck slide player.

We ship Australia Wide!


Plectrums. Come and check our range of picks. We are seriously running out of room for these babies. We have a full array of thumb and fingerpicks also, with brands such as Dunlop, Golden Gate, Dava, ProPik, Fingertone, Simpsons and many, many more!

leather strap.jpg

Straps. We have a big range of straps here. We carry the Colonial Leather brand which is a proud Australian company using Australian leather. We also have a good selection of branded straps including Fender, Maton and many more.

We ship Australia Wide!


Capo's. Shubb and Kyser are our two main capo's of choice. We have a full selection for all styles of guitar, even Dobro. We also have Dunlop, G7th, and others.

We ship Australia Wide!


Tuners. We have Tuners ranging from $30.00 up to $600.00., Boss, Snark, Intelli and many more brands on offer!


STRINGS, STRINGS and more STRINGS! We carry heaps of brands and styles of strings. We have Martin, Elixir, D'Addario, Fender, Thomastik,Savarez, and many more. If you are after a certain brand or want to buy some over the Net for ridiculous prices, jsut let Axel know!!
Let us know what strings you want!

fender cable.jpg

Cables. We have leads to suit your every need. Patch Leads, Mic leads. You need it, we got it!


Guitar Stands. We have A style, Single stands and the ever popular multi-racks specifically for acoustics. Portables for the beach house or multi's for the gigs, we can sort you out!


Guitar Cleaning accessories. We have a full range of guitar care accessories for mainting that new guitar smell! From Dunlop and Martin Cleaners to Lemon Oil and Dr. Dux Axe Wax.