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SWR Acoustic Amplification


SWR Strawberry Blonde II
Perfect for small gigs, this 80 watt, single channel amp sounds brilliant. Single 10" + horn delivers a warm natural tone. Spring reverb, stereo headphone out and Aural enhancer all onboard.
AC Price $979

We deliver Australia Wide

Email Or call (03) 9699 5691


SWR California Blonde.
Need volume and clarity at your gig. This is the answer. Two independent channel and Mic input for all in one gig solution. 120 watts (160 with extension speaker) Custom SWR 12" speaker and HiFi tweeter. Aural Enhancer, stereo input, phase reversal, spring reverb, XLR out, basically everything that you will ever need for any gig situation. Definately one of the best acoustic amps on the market.
AC Price $1099
We deliver Australia Wide!
Email Or call (03) 9699 5691