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Goldtone Dojo Dlx

This is a fun little instrument. Plays like a banjo, sounds like a resonator. Flame maple back and sides with mother of pearl binding and a pickup to boot!!!

AC Price $1199

We Deliver Australia Wide

Banjo-elec.jpg GOLDTONE EBM. Goldtone's electric banjo. This is great plugged in as it has a standard banjo pick up and a telecaster single coil pick up. You get the opportunity to blend the two and have a biting banjo sound or the authentic banjo acoustic style tone. The great thing about this model is that acoustically you still get a fantastic sound from this instrument. Oh, and by the way....look at it!!
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Gold Tone WL-250

This stunning open back banjo sounds as good as it looks. It features a whyte lady tone ring and a full length vine inlay.

AC Price $1695

We Deliver Australia Wide

Recording King RK-R20

With It's sharp attack and minimal sustain, this banjo is a great resonator model. The Songster features an inlaid mother of pearl style peghead inlay and heart shaped position markers, plus a rolled brass tone ring, planetary tuners and a bound rosewood fretboard.

Ac Price $595

Image coming soon

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Recording king RK-R60

The Recording King Madison banjos offer an unparalleled combination of quality,versatility and value. With a hand-rubbed satin finish , a maple neck with adjustable truss rod and a true steam -bent 3 ply maple rim. The Madison starts a great foundation for a serious banjo. Add professional appointments like dual coordinator rods, planetary tuners, nickel plated hardware and a remo head. This makes for a banjo that sounds great without breaking the bank. The Madison RK-025 open back model has 24shoes for precision tuning and a classic old time sound.

AC Price $649

Image coming soon

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Deering Eagle II 6 string

Deering Banjos introduces a new 6-string version of the innovative Eagle II banjo. Featuring the patent-pending 2010 brass tone ring made at the Deering factory. Known for its unexpected brightness, clarity, and powerful projection, the Eagle II’s 2010 tone ring has taken the banjo world by storm.

AC Price $2695 Inc case

Also available as a 5 string AC Price $2495 Inc Case

We Deliver Australia Wide

Deering_crossfire.jpg string

Deering Crossfire

If you want to lay it down fast and loud then this is your banjo,There are plenty of copies of this banjo but this is the real deal.

AC Price $3999 With Hard Case Bag

We Deliver Australia Wide

Deering_goodtime_openback.jpg Deering Goodtime Banjo. Aptly named "The Goodtime" that's exactly what this delivers. Get yourself a rocking chair, a back porch and one of these. Made in the USA!!
AC Price ONLY $699
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Goodtime_2_1295.jpg Deering Goodtime "Two" Banjo, twice the fun. Made in the USA and delivering everything that you would expect from the boys at Deering but at an affordable price
AC Price $949
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Deering Goodtime Special Openback

The special is the model with the tone ring for extra volume and punch, its also pretty light so it wont brake your back.

AC Price $1050

We Deliver Australia Wide


Deering Goodtime Special

This is the resonator version of the banjo above.

AC Price $1295

We Deliver Australia Wide


The Goodtime Special Tenor

Same specifications as the two banjos above, including a tone ring but as you can see its a four string tenor.

AC Price $1350

We Deliver Australia Wide


DEERING "Dropkick Murphys" Tenor

What a great little banjo this is. If your after a light no frills tenor, that holds tune and cuts through a band mix, then look no further.It's also USA made to boot.

AC Price $779

We Deliver Australia Wide


Deering Maple Blossom Banjo.
The Maple Blossom is an excellent banjo with a crisp, clear tone. The Eastern hard rock maple neck and resonator are stained a walnut color, and trimmed in white binding with a decorative black stripe. The feel of binding provides a more comfortable neck. Flower shaped mother-of-pearl inlays are set in an ebony fingerboard. The three-ply maple rim, sand cast virgin bell bronze tone-ring and zinc flange construction generate an excellent tone in the Maple Blossom
Discounted price $4299 Inc case

Was $5999.Email for availability
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If you like the Deering Goodtime banjos, but are sticking to a tighter budget, then this is a pretty good choise indeed. This instrunent features a hard wood maple neck, laminated maple rim, Remo fibre skin head, and a rolled brass tone rim! Come in and try one for yourself, you will be amazed how good they are for the money.

AC Price $450

We Deliver Australia Wide!


Oakridge 557 Deluxe

This is not only a great looking banjo, but a great sounding one too. Featuring a walnut rim, and neck with maple centre stripe. 24 tention hooks. Geared planetary pegs, Remo fibre skin head, and a rolled brass tone ring! Great value.

AC Price $599

We Deliver Australia Wide!


GOLDTONE OB250 Banjo. This new banjo is styled off the most popular Bluegrass banjo ever made! This is a great value for money instrument that features a sand cast tone ring and high end machine heads!
AC Price $1995 W/Case
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Fender FB58. Sunburst Maple resonator, full gloss maple neck. Indian Rosewood board.
AC Price TBA
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Saga Open back Banjo.Great folk style banjo. Light weight for those hours of practice.
RRP $695
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Saga SS3. Closed back Bluegrass banjo. This Banjo rocks!The real deal without spending a fortune. With one of these you'll be rippin' it up in no time.
AC Price $799
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Saga travel banjo. SS-10P Someone left it in the hot water cycle and "done shrunk it!" Very cool little 5 string banjo!
AC Price $545 Inc Bag
We ship Australia wide
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