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GOLDTONE Weissenborn. Built to the original Weissenborn Style 1 specifications! All Solid Mahogany Body and a bone nut and saddle. This lap guitar also has an ebony bridge and fingerboard. This model also has the Dean Markley Trilogy pick up which has magnetic, piezo and microphone sources and individual volume controls for all 3!
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NEW!! GOLDTONE EBM. Goldtone's electric banjo. This is great plugged in as it has a standard banjo pick up and a telecaster single coil pick up. You get the opportunity to blend the two and have a biting banjo sound or the authentic banjo acoustic style tone. The great thing about this model is that acoustically you still get a fantastic sound from this instrument. Oh, and by the way....look at it!!
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We Deliver Australia Wide!


NEW!! GOLDTONE BB 400 Bass Banjo. Just when you thought the bass player in your Bluegrass band looked totally out of place, be concerned no longer! The Goldtone Bass Banjo sounds as funky as it looks. Complete with a magnetic pick up that gives it an authentic upright bass sound, this banjo is a valuable tool for all you pickin' players out there! It really sounds like a stand up bass player without the station wagon.
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We Deliver Australia Wide!