USED Eastman AR605CE 16"archtop guitar


Each Jim Fisch Archtop Guitar is hand crafted with a solid Spruce for the top and Mahogany back and sides- which is available in a whole series of different archtops.

This very cool Pre-owned 605ce features Rosewood fingerboard and comes in a Classic Sunburst finish.  The mahogany back and sides ad a warmth and depth to the guitar not found in standard maple back and sides archtops. The Rosewood fingerboard enhances the warmth of this guitar.

The 16″ 605ce has a flatter Django style cutaway that imparts a very homogenous tone with great clarity to all the chordal voicing, which excellent chordal note separation This series sound great acoustically with great projection and fullness and is the preferred combination for bluegrass and country music.

Comes in a hard case.



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