Used Paul Beard Road-O-Phonic Lap SlideThe Beard Road-O-Phonic


The Beard Road-O-Phonic guitar is a fully playable, compact acoustic acoustic/electric instrument for the musician who wants a lot of punch and versatillity in a small package. With the two pickups, (Lace magnetic and the Fishman Resonator pickup) this instrument can produce an infinite variety of sounds, limited only by your imagination. By bringing out both discrete signals through a single jack, you can emulate the range of sounds from rich, mellow laptop steel guitar to a screaming bluesy resonant slide guitar or combination of both. Figured maple construction,dot inlay with Ebony fingerboard, 9" spider bridge resonator and hand spun cone. Made in the good old US of A! This Pre-owned instrument is in good condition and comes in a basic gig bag.

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