As the holiday season approaches, we've curated a list of our favourite gifts for the guitarist in your life. Whether you're shopping for a beginner finding their rhythm or a seasoned pro seeking to expand their repertoire, Acoustic Centre's 2023 Xmas Gift Guide For Guitarists is your compass to finding the perfect present. Join us as we explore a handpicked selection of instruments, accessories, and tools that will delight the musician in your life.

Take a look at our 2023 Xmas Gift Collection, or take a look at some of our favourites below.

Under $50

You don't need to spend a lot to find a gift that guitar players will cherish - if you're looking for stocking stuffers or a Kris Kingle gift, here's a few great options that won't break the bank.

Take Your Pick

Almost every guitarist in the world uses a pick, but some picks are a cut above the others. The Black Mountain thumb pick is the perfect introduction to fingerstyle and one of our bestelling products, and they're yours for under 10 bucks! For something more unsual, check out the Tone Slabs pick and fingernail buffer, a handy tool that every guitarist will benefit from.

Signature Strings

We can't promise that a set of signature guitar strings will make you sound like your hero, but they're a step in the right direction! Everyone from Tommy Emmanuel to Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton has their own signature set, and they're a great gift for a fan.

Guitar Brand Apparel

Show your loyalties with some great, high-quality apparel - our favourites are the super-soft Gibson Custom shirt, and the golfer-style Taylor baseball cap, but check out our full range here to find your brand.

Guitar String Changing Tools

Make your restringing and maintenance easier on yourself - try Martin's range of specially-designed tools, including polishes, string cutters, action height gauge and string winder.


Under $100

Retro Straps

We're in love with these Retro Martin Guitar Straps - they strike the perfect balance between vintage vibe and modern quality, and look at home on both acoustic and electric guitars.

The Ultimate Guitar Slides

We love Rock Slides here - they're simply the best designed slides on the market! Not just comfortable and ergonomic, they also sound fantastic and are the perfect entry point for anyone looking to dip into the world of slide guitar.

Boutique Picks

Handmade in the USA from a NASA-designed ultra-touch polymer, Blue Chip are the gold standard of guitar picks, and we love them so much we even designed our own signature pick with the brand - the TD55. Wegen Picks are handmade from a mystery material in the Netherlands, and have a bright, loud tone which guitarists love, and Tone Slabs craft beautifully simple picks in Florida with simply incredible feel.

Coily Cables

If you haven't tried one, a coily cable can be a game changer - you don't get tangled up, and they break less often than standard cables because they don't get twisted and stepped on as often as a regular cable. They also look killer, bringing a classic 60s look to your stage show.


Under $500

Guitarists can be a fussy bunch, but there are some products that any guitar player would love - how about a high-quality playing stool, or a headphone amplifier for those late night jam sessions? Or for those just starting their journey, you just can't go wrong with a great entry-level guitar from Fender, Eastman or Yamaha. Here's a few of our favourites this year.

Starter Packs

Starter Packs really are the gift that keeps giving, with everything you need to dive into the world of acoustic guitar. But be warned - it's an addictive hobby! You can't go wrong with a Fender Starter Pack, from the biggest name in guitars. They include everything you could possibly need to begin, including a subscription to their superb Fender Play learning portal.

Luxury Capos

Capos are one of those items that guitarists use all the time but often don't think about, so why not treat them to a luxurious capo that will last a lifetime? Paige Capos are handmade in the USA, with a subtle and high-end look that will change the way they think about capos. 

Playing (And Relaxing!) Stools

We've got a great range of stools to match your favourite brand of guitar, but it's hard to go past the classic leather Taylor Stool - it's strong, sturdy and incredibly comfortable, and looks the part in any room. We also love the Fender Festival chair - a folding outdoor chair with inbuilt guitar stand that will really elevate your next camping trip.


Under $1000

Sure, they may have a guitar already, but what about a great travel guitar? Or a world-class preamp or amplifier to help them craft their live tone? For a really special gift, why not treat them to the world's best selling guitar - the unparalleled Taylor GS Mini!

Preamps and Amps

The secret to a great gig is great sound, and the LR Baggs Voiceprint could be the solution that acoustic guitarists have been waiting for. It measures the acoustic response of your guitar by leveraging the processing power of your iPhone to accurately capture your guitar’s one-of-a-kind voice, for a flawless plugged-in tone.


Travel Guitars

For those of us that just can't bear to be without a guitar, the Journey Puddle Jumper is a godsend. This tiny travel guitar folds up into it's included overhead bag in seconds, and has the tone and feel of a full-size acoustic, as well as an onboard pickup. There's also the classic Baby Taylor, an eternal favourite that is full of charm.


Wild Dog handmake their gorgeous stomp boxes right here in Australia, and their new Custom Shop range showcases our country's beuatiful and wild timbers - check out the Blackwolf, probably the last stomp box you'll ever need.

Taylor GS Mini

A Taylor GS Mini for under $900? The GS Mini Sapele hearkens back to the original GS Mini that set the world on fire, and has the woderful feel and tone that has captivated guitarists of all abilities for decades.


Over $1000

For the guitarists that have it all, Acoustic Centre have you covered - from next generation profiling amplifiers (surely the last amp you'll ever need!) to classic and coveted guitars from the USA and Australia, these gifts are sure to astonish even the pickiest of guitar players.

Next Generation Amplifiers

The biggest buzz of 2023 belongs to the Fender Tone Master Pro amplifier, an all-in-one unit that includes dozens of incredible amp and pedal simulations and features a truly innovative touchscreen interface that is simply a pleasure to use. But don't overlook the Kemper Profiling Amp, the gamechanging modelling amplifier that still sounds absolutely phenomenal!

Ear Trumpet Labs Microphones

Handmade in Portland, OR, these wonderful-looking mics are used by everyone from Sheryl Crow to Elvis Costello, and excel at vocals and acoustic instruments. Each microphone is hand-assembled and includes a heavy-duty metal carrying case.

Homegrown Guitars

Australia produces some world-class guitars, and we're honoured to have so many of them right here in store. The Maton Mini EMD-6 is a standout on many levels, with it's travel-size body, unsurpassed pickup system and a gorgeous sunburst finish. Or if you're looking for something more natural and rich in looks and tone, take a look at the now-classic EBW808C with it's all-Australian Blackwood construction and satin finish.

Something Different

Expand their mind with a new instrument! Eastman's range of mandolins are simply unbeatable for bang-for-buck, with all-solid construction, gorgeous timbers and classic tones. Or check out Bourbon Street's range of resonator guitars, perfect for dipping into slide or fingerstyle and sure to make a statement with their incredible metal construction.


Check out our full 2023 Xmas Gift collection here, or contact one of our friendly staff for advice - we love to talk guitars!

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