Australis has a rich history of homegrown guitar builders, but in the last few years local makers have also created some wonderful, unique and useful gear that guitar players love. If you're aiming to buy Australian-made this Christmas, here's some of our favourite gifts for the guitarist in your life.


You can't talk about Australian music without mentioning Maton. Australia's longest-running, family-owned builder has been the guitar of choice for icons including Elvis Presley, Keith Richards, George Harrison and practically every Aussie guitarist for over 75 years. We have a great guide to choosing a Maton guitar here, but Maton also produce some wonderful accessories that make perfect stocking stuffers.

The Maton Leather Strap is available in two varieties - a simple stitched leather variety, or a deluxe padded strap, both featuring the iconic Maton logo. These straps are made right here in Victoria, featuring premium materials. The Maton G7th capo is made especially for the builder, featuring an etched Maton logo. The Maton clip-on guitar tuner is USB-rechargeable, meaning you'll never need to hunt for batteries again!

The Maton bar stool is crafted in Victoria from premium leather, with a stitched Maton logo - it's the perfect addition to a guitar room. There's also a huge range of official T-shirts, Hoodies, baseball caps and even a Footy Beanie - can it get more Aussie than that?



Cole Clark

Cole Clark's sustainably-built, visually striking guitars have been made in Melbourne for decades. Their Angel models have become absolute classics, and the AN1 and FL1 models are great entry-points to their amazing range.

Cole Clark also have a wide range of accessories that make perfect gifts for any guitarist: Etched Timber picks, Victorian-made high-quality leather straps, and a range of T-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies and Beanies. If you're looking for a stylish upgrade to your guitar, there's also a handmade Blackwood pickguard, made from the same tonewood used in their stunning guitars.




The new kid on the Australian guitar-making block, Fenech are producing remarkable acoustic guitars using Australian tonewoods and classic designs, from their Gold Coast workshop. There's a guide here to their guitar range, but it's hard to look past the VT and VTH series - all-solid, handmade acoustic-electric guitars at a surprising price.

If you're looking to accessorise your Fenech guitar, their Australian-made leather straps and timber soundhole covers are a perfect match, and their official T-shirts feature a simple and stylish Fenech logo.




Australian designers have created some wonderful accessories for guitar players of all kinds in the last few years. Minim, based in Melbourne, create sturdy and beautiful contemporary guitar stands made from steel and leather, hand-built in Sydney and Melbourne. Jager also make high-quality minimal guitar stands, built from stylish plywood with a modern and clean look. Made by hand in Melbourne, they include a great tote bag!

New South Wales' Wazinator and Queensland's Wild Dog create handmade stompboxes using local timbers, and are used by countless musicians around the world. 

DSL straps have a huge range of straps made by hand in NSW, including vintage-inspired Jacquard, high-quality leather, and even vegan options, using vegetable leather.

Finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention our signature Acoustic Centre Leather Pick Pouch - a great stocking stuffer, these premium leather pick holders are made right here in Victoria, and are a great addition to any guitarists keyring!

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