Learning the guitar is a fun, creative and therapeutic hobby, but knowing what to buy an aspiring guitarist can be confusing. From picks to instruments, here's our guide to choosing the perfect gift for the new guitar player in your life.

Starter Packs

The number one place to start for anyone learning guitar is the instrument itself, and there's a number of great starter packs available that give you everything you'll need to get started. The Yamaha FG800is one of the biggest-selling guitars in the world, and with good reason - it has a bright, clear and traditional sound, and includes a gig bag and digital tuner. The Fender CD-60Sis another popular beginner model, with a slim neck that will feel very familiar to electric guitar players moving to an acoustic guitar for the first time.

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One thing that you learn quickly as a guitarist is that you can never have too many picks - each one has a different feel and tone, and they seem to disappear as fast as you can buy them! Variety Pick Packs are a great gift for the new guitarist, giving them a tonne of tonal options. Dunlop Variety Packs are the most popular, but why not try picks made from wood, shells or rare stones? The Taylor Darktone pick sampler even comes in an attractive Koa tin with a tonal guide.

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Straps are another essential item for every guitarist, and there's a myriad of styles available - from simple cotton straps to vintage-style Jacquard, denim to traditional leather. Why not match the strap to the guitar? Maton, Cole Clark, Taylor, Fender and Gretsch all make straps to match their guitars.

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Being in tune is essential, and a good digital tuner will make things much easier. The D'Addario Equinox and Fender Flash are brand new for 2021, and are both easily recharged via USB. The D'Addario Eclipse and Fender Bullet are smaller-profile tuners that can be left on the guitar while it's in the case.

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While less essential, a guitar amplifier has features that enhance a guitar's natural tone and volume. The Fender Acoustasonic range are a great entry point, with a sweet tone and great onboard effects. The Fishman Mini Charge is rechargeable, meaning that it's usable for outdoor playing, with Bluetooth onboard for added connectivity. One of the most poplar  products of the year is the Fender Mustang Micro, a headphone amplifier with amplifier simulations, effects, Bluetooth connectivity and more.

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Capos are a simple device that can really open up your playing, by allowing you to easily play in other keys. Our bestselling capo is the Kyser KG6B, a classic design that will last for years. For something glitzier, the Shubb Royale and G7th Heritage capos are great choices, with beautiful workmanship and high-quality components.

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