Acoustic Centre is proud to be Australia's only Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealer, a designation only given to stores that offer the highest level of service and attention to detail. These elite dealers possess an extensive knowledge of the styles, shapes and history of Martin Guitars. Being a Custom Shop Expert also gives us exclusive access to an exciting range of custom guitars: Custom Shop Expert Authentics.

This year, Martin's exclusive Custom Shop Expert models are a pair of truly classic rosewood and spruce designs: the 1937 000-28 and D-28. 


Martin Custom Shop Expert Authentic 000-28 1937

Based on the mythical pre-war 000-28's of Martin's 'Golden Era', the 1937 000-28 features a mix of traditional features with modern innovations. True to it's inspiration, there's an Adirondack spruce top with authentic tucked Adirondack bracing, genuine Mahogany V-profile neck, glued-in long bone saddle, an ultra-thin Nitrocellulose finish, open-back Waverly tuners and vintage-correct herringbone purfling. Indian Rosewood back-and-sides and an ebony fretboard and bridge give the 000-28 a rich, complex tone with a smooth, refined high-end and thunderous bass.


Martin fans have long requested an Authentic-style Martin guitar with modern truss rod, and the Custom Expert series finally delivers. This allows for easy adjustment of neck relief, giving players complete control over setup without sacrificing tone.

The 1937 000-28 is available in four finishes - Natural, Stage 1 Aged Natural, Ambertone or Stage 1 Aged Ambertone. 


Martin Custom Shop Expert Authentic D-28 1937

The 1937 D-28 is one of Martin's most famous dreadnoughts, known for it's enormous, booming tone and elegant appointments. The Custom Expert homage to this guitar features all the authentic features of it's 000-28 counterpart: Adirondack and Indian Rosewood tonewoods, period-correct bracing and saddle, ultra-thin finish and beautiful Style 28 appointments. An adjustable truss rod and modified V neck profile brings modern comfort to a traditional icon.



The 1937 D-28 is available in four finishes - Natural, Stage 1 Aged Natural, Ambertone or Stage 1 Aged Ambertone.


Browse our full Martin Custom Shop Expert range here.

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