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If (like us!) you're a guitar obsessive, you likely spend as much time listening to, thinking about and reading about about guitars as you do playing them. And while there's plenty of great content available online, you can't beat a beautifully printed, carefully researched coffee table book for sheer depth of information. Here's a few of our favourite acoustic guitar books of all time!

Made in Australia: My Maton Collection Book by Wadih Hanna

'Made In Australia' is a truly personal book - a deep dive into the greatest existing collection of Maton guitars on the planet, with beautiful macro photography and personal insights into some truly rare and awe-inspiring guitars. At over 400 pages, this hardback large-format book is a true work of passion, and is wildly instrument to even the most casual of fans. Buy here


CF Martin & His Guitars 1796-1873 Book by Philip F. Gura

A superbly well-researched and fascinating insight into the early years of CF Martin, and the evolution of the guitar itself. Philip F. Gura is the first historian to thoroughly study the Martin company records dating back to the 1830s: Letters, account books, inventories, and other documents. Using this rich archive, Gura establishes how a German immigrant from Saxony's guild tradition became the finest American guitar maker of his time and created an iconic and uniquely American business. For those of us interested in the lineage of the history and aristry of Martin's origins, it's an absolute treasure trove. Buy here


Guitar Lessons by Bob Taylor

While you won't learn anything about guitar technique from Bob Taylor's autobiography, there are plenty of lessons within this wonderful book. Bob relates the inside story of the founding and growth of Taylor Guitars, one of the world's most successful guitar manufacturers, as well as his 'second career' as a forestry sustainability leader, and shares hard-won insights and philosophies from his incredibly interesting and varied life. Bob is known as a visionary in the guitar industry, and his warm and generous voice resonates through these pages. Buy here


The Martin Archives; A Scrapbook of Treasures from the Worlds Foremost Acoustic Guitar Maker Book by Jim Washburn

A visual and tactile treat, The Martin Archives is a unique inside look into C.F. Martin and Co. s reign as America's oldest and most revered guitarmaker. It includes fascinating reproductions of illuminating bits of its history, including old company records, letters from stars such as Gene Autry and Jimmie Rodgers, the purchase order for the first D-45 guitar and a handwritten history of the company on its 100th birthday by Frank Henry Marti, which bring history to life in a truly unique way. The ultimate coffee table book for any Martin enthusiast. Buy here


Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars Book by Eldon Whitford, David Vinopal and Dan Erlewine

Out of print for many years, 'Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Tops' is the authoritative and final word on Gibson's storied history of acoustic guitar design and production. Through more than 200 photos and incredibly detailed text, this book chronicles the development and evolution of Gibson's fabulous flat-tops, showing why these guitars have been the choice of so many great musicians, professional and amateur alike. Not just for Gibson enthusiasts, this book chronicles some of the most important developments in guitar design over the last century. Buy here


Martin Guitar Masterpieces by Dick Boak

It's hard to pick just one book by Dick Boak, the master historian and chronicler of Martin guitars, but 'Martin Guitar Masterpieces' has a special place here because of it's sheer visual spectacle. This book features more than a hundred of Martin's most desirable guitars, including instruments belonging to Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Sting and Eric Clapton, as well as one-off custom instruments, limited editions and rarities. Dick Boak enthusiastically outlines his experiences as liaison in these collaborations, and each guitar is illustrated with spectacular photography. Buy here


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