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 George Lowden needs no introduction in the world of high-end guitars. He began building guitars over 45 years ago, and his use of the finest tonewoods, proprietary build techniques and relentless pursuit of perfection has seen his guitars become beloved the world over. Lowden guitars are revered for their utterly unique tone and jaw-dropping craftsmanship, and each guitar is a testament to George’s decades of experience and talent.

2021 marks George’s 70th birthday, which Lowden Guitars have chosen to commemorate with a limited run of 70 guitars, each unique and only available from Lowden’s most trusted dealers. We are beyond thrilled to have been chosen to receive one of only two 70th Birthday Limited Edition guitars available in Australia; an exceptional S-35.

The S-35 is one of our favourite models in the Lowden lineup – a small-bodied guitar with Rosewood back-and-sides, designed for balance and tonal complexity. The S shape has a surprising amount of depth and bass for such a comfortably-sized instrument, and rewards a gentle touch. That said, there’s plenty of punch and clarity when it’s needed. 

For the Limited Edition series, George hand-picked the timbers, features and specifications for each individual guitar – for our S-35, George has chosen a flawless, creamy set of Alpine Spuce for the soundboard, paired with beautiful Guatemalan Rosewood back-and-sides. This combination has more volume, focus and low end than a standard S-35, and is offset beautifully by the subtly flamed maple binding.

Each 70th Birthday model has some standout specifications unique to this edition – a soundbox bevel for player comfort, an inlaid ‘LXX’ fretboard inlay, and a gorgeous and unique internal label, hand signed and numbered by George Lowden himself. This S-35 is number 6 of 70 guitars worldwide, and is a fitting tribute to a legendary luthier.

Check out our Lowden S-35 70th Birthday Limited Edition, with more close-up shots, here.  

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