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$1000 Review Giveaway


Hi Guitarists,

How would you like a $1000 Gift Voucher from us?

We really want to know what you think of the guitars and accessories that we sell. We would love for you to Review your product so that both us, and others can get an insight as to how your gear is performing for you. 

In return for your review we will put you in our draw to win a $1000 Gift Voucher from Acoustic Centre to be spent however you like!!. 

How do you get in the Draw?......all you have to do is Write a Review for a product that you have purchased or that you already own. Simply find the product that you want to review on our website, click the "Review" tab and then click "Write a Review".......write your review, put in your email address  and that's it.

We will randomly pick one review on December 10 2017 and that lucky punter will win a $1000 Gift Voucher.....nice one hey!?! 

Happy Reviewing!

Thanks....from all of us at The Acoustic Centre