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The Acoustic Centre. If you're in the market for an acoustic guitar, the Acoustic Centre in South Melbourne is your one-stop shop for all of your acoustic guitar needs. We are the only acoustic guitar specialist store in Australia and with over 400 different models always in stock, we are sure to have you covered. We carry Australia's biggest range of Maton guitars, Martin guitars and Taylor guitars, along with a huge range of Cole Clark guitars, Gibson guitars, Fender guitars, Guild guitars and Yamaha guitars.

Lovers of boutique American guitars will appreciate our great range of Santa Cruz Guitars, Collings Guitars and National Resophonics - all imported directly from the factories in the US. We carry brands such as Cort, Sigma and Cordoba brands with a huge range of introductory steel strings starting from around $200. Classical and nylon string players will revel in our 'classical guitar corner' where we stock around 100 traditional nylon string guitars by brands such as Esteve, Katoh, Godin, Ramirez, Yamaha and Cordoba as well as handmade guitars by renowned Australian luthiers such as Allan Bull, William Falkiner and Stephen Borg. Love that jazzy tone? Our ever expanding collection of hollow body archtops includes classic brands such as Gretsch, Godin, Ibanez, Guild and Eastman. Traditional instruments never go out of fashion and we are proud to carry a great range of banjos, mandolins, ukuleles and resonators - our biggest sellers being Deering, Gretsch, Recording King, Koyama, Anuenue and Kamaka.

MATON ACOUSTIC GUITARS - As the world's biggest Maton acoustic guitar dealer we stock a huge range of acoustic guitars by this iconic Australian brand. Our all-time best sellers include the Maton EM100C Messiah, the EA80C Australian, the EBG808 Tommy Emmanuel and the legendary Maton ECW80C. The new Maton Solid Road Series guitars have proven to be extremely popular and we love the new Maton SRS60C, SRS70C and SRS808. The mini Matons are always very popular and we stock every model including the Maton EML-6, EML-12, EMS-6, EMS-12, EMM-6, EMM-12, EMD-6, EMD-12.

MARTIN ACOUSTIC GUITARS - As the number one Martin dealer in Australia, we have the largest range of Martin acoustic guitars in Australia and then some! We stock all the classic models such as the Martin D-28, Martin D-18, Martin HD-28, Martin 000-18, Martin D-35 and Martin HD-28V. The all Mahogany 15 series are always extremely popular and we carry the full range such as the Martin D-15M, 000-15M, 00-15M and 000-15SM. The new Martin Performance Series models we carry include the Martin DPCPA4, DPCPA4 Rosewood, Martin GPCPA4, GPCPA4 Rosewood and OMCPA4. Not to mention our constantly revolving range of stunning Martin Custom Shop models and rarities.

TAYLOR ACOUSTIC GUITARS - We are proud to be Australia's largest dealer of Taylor acoustic guitars. We have a huge range of these brilliant US-made acoustics such as the Taylor 314ce, 310ce, 312ce, 414ce, 410ce, 412ce, 514ce, 614ce, Taylor 714ce, Taylor 814ce and Taylor 914ce. We can also help you to order your dream acoustic guitar through Taylor's BTO (Built To Order) programme.

SANTA CRUZ ACOUSTIC GUITARS - The Acoustic Centre is proud to be Australia's largest dealer of exquisite Santa Cruz acoustic guitars. These 100% handmade boutique instruments are in a class of their own. Our most popular models being the Santa Cruz D/PW, OM-P/W, OM Grand, H-13, D Model, Tony Rice Dreadnought, Santa Cruz VS and Santa Cruz VJ.

COLLINGS GUITARS - As of 2015 the Acoustic Centre is thrilled to be an official dealer of Collings Guitars. We are now stocking the brilliant Collings D2H, D1M, 02H-12 String, Collings C10, OM2H, SJ and more...

ACOUSTIC AMPLIFIERS - We a carry a huge range of acoustic guitar amplifiers. Whether you're looking for something to practice with at home, something to perform with at your friend's wedding or a full professional rig to take on the road, we've got you covered. Or range includes the brilliant Schertler amplifiers, AER acoustic amplifiers, Marshall acoustic amplifiers, Fender and Roland. We are also an official dealer for Bose PA systems, specialising in the brilliant Bose L1 and Bose L2 PA systems.

CLASSICAL GUITARS - The humble nylon string guitar is as popular today as ever and we are proud to cater for the classical players. The Acoustic Centre is Australia's biggest range of classical guitars including Katoh guitars, Esteve, Jose Ramirez, Yamaha and Cordoba. Some of our most popular models include the Katoh MCG115S, the Katoh MCG115C, the Katoh MCG150S, the Katoh Munich, the Katoh Madrid, The Esteve 7SR, Manuel Adalid and the Cordoba Fusion Series.

ARCHTOPS & HOLLOWBODY GUITARS - Our jazz corner has never been bigger and the Acoustic Centre is currently overflowing with beautiful models such as the Godin 5th Avenue, Godin Kingpin, Ibanez AF75TDG Artcore, Epiphone ES175, Guild X-175B, Guild X-175 Manhattan, the Gretsch G5420T and the Guild Starfire V.

RESOPHONIC GUITARS -  The Acoustic Centre is proud to be an authorised dealer of National Resophonic Guitars. These timeless instruments are as well made as ever and we carry all the legendary models such as the National Style O, Style 1, Style O Tricone and Style O Replicon. Other popular National models include the M1 Tricone, the Resolectric and Resolectric Revolver, the National NRP Steel and the Estralita. If a National doesn't fit your budget, we also carry the brilliant Gretsch Alligator, Grestch Boxcar and the Gretsch Honeydipper. We also have a lovely range of Recording King resonators.