Taylor 856Ce Acoustic Electric Guitar


Taylor 856ce

 Taylor's richest, clear and articulate 12 string in their catalogue is the 856ce. Singing highs, bold and defined lows mixed with the renowned playaybility of Taylor guitars make this the go to 12 string both in the studio and the live arena. Rosewood's full spectrum tonal range make this an unmatched expressive 12 string and the Grand Symphony body shape make it a less cumbersome instrument then it's traditional Jumbo couterparts. Understated appointments make for a desirable aesthetic while never being to 'showy' as to overshadow an instrument that is built to be played. Ease of playability in the upper registers with unrivalled intonation brings depth and shimmeing qualities to any studio recording while the Expression System 2 adds the incredible acoustic qualities of this instrument to any live setting. Standard in Taylor hard case.      

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