Cole Clark Angel CCAN3EC Bunya Blackwood Acoustic Guitar



The little King of the Hill! This is the small body acoustic electric version of the famous "FAT LADY" FL3's , and very rare indeed..This model features a beautifull Bunya top and Blackwood back and sides. It is a very cool and stylised looking guitar,with a rich lush tone. A great live instrument, featuring a 3 way pickup system, and Cole Clark tweed case.

Note! All of our Cole Clarks have been Plek'd

PLEK machines are built and sold by A+D Gitarrentechnologie of Berlin, Germany. The machines were developed by musician and guitar instructor Gerd Anke with his partner Michael Dubach, who called their company PLEKTRON when it was founded in 1990. The goal of the PLEK process they created is to guarantee the best possible string action for each instrument. Simply put, a guitar with optimized playability sounds better. The strings do not strike the frets during playing and any intonation problems that may occur due to too-low string action are eliminated. Similarly, action that’s too high is also a thing of the past with PLEKing.

The PLEKing process is done by CNC (computer numerical control) machines, which use microprocessors to perform their tasks. That doesn’t mean human craftspeople are excluded from this process. The PLEK machine is ultimately a tool to reduce variances between guitars, which allows Cole Clarks expert builders to do their jobs more efficiently.

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