Epiphone MasterBuilt Century De-Luxe 17" Archtop Guitar


Unlike vintage budget archtops currently on the market (and often coming apart at the seams), the new Masterbilt Century Collection not only features solid wood tops but quality Ebony and Rosewood fingerboards. "These guitars will be so useful to players," said studio ace and rising Americana star Chris Scruggs. "They're made to last. And they're beautiful, too! It's great to see the vintage style headstock and the binding in a new guitar. There is nothing like a great Epiphone."Of course Epiphone was not only known for giving players superior tone but also for beautiful design. The new Masterbilt Collection features the iconic headstock banner found on rare early 30s era Epiphones. The new Masterbilt Century headstock--with its combination of elegant script with black and gold typeface--shows the same attention to detail that made Epiphone a leader in archtop design and a decades-long competitor with Gibson.

Just as the original Masterbilt archtops were built to project over a big band and be heard in large dancehalls, the all new Masterbilt Century archtops can hold their own with any rock band without sacrificing great tone thanks to the custom eSonic HD system. After all, great tone was what made the archtop the most desirable acoustic guitar of its era. The Century De-Luxe pictured here has a 17" body, Centre Soundhole, Piezo loaded Ebony bridge with mini wheel volume and tone controls, and a Killer vintage Sunburst finish.



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