It's hard to beat the historical authenticity of the Gibson Memphis 1961 ES-330TD Figured VOS hollowbody electric guitar. This guitar's fully hollow body really shouts, exhibiting solid mids and a sizable helping of high-end bite. Two P-90 single-coil pickups yield a cutting growl with enough output to push your amp. The 1961 ES-330's highly playable Slim 1961 neck profile feels smooth and comfortable in your hand. Built to period-correct specs, including the iconic "Mickey Mouse-ears" body shape, the Gibson Memphis 1961 ES-330TD Figured VOS is the closest thing to owning an extremely rare hollow-body electric guitar.

The ES-330 has been around since its release in 1959. The guitar shares the same fully hollow construction and dual P-90 pickups as the popular Epiphone Casino (which Gibson owns), but the ES-330 was actually first to the party. The guitar's resonant nature adds warmth and an extremely lively timbre to the tone of this 1961 ES-330TD Figured VOS. And the two P-90 pickups give you more cut than standard humbuckers but also allow for more low-mid warmth than may be expected from single-coil pickups. It's easy to see why players such as the Beatles and Gary Clark Jr. have favored this design for decades.

The Gibson Memphis 1961 ES-330TD Figured VOS is fitted with two P-90 pickups. Gibson's first successful single-coil pickup, the P-90 can be heard on countless classic recordings. By virtue of their biting treble and high output, and the P-90s clean up nicely when you roll back your guitar's volume pot. And when you hit your amp hard, the P-90 really wails. It's an amazingly versatile pickup (more so, arguably, than most humbuckers).

This Fantastic instrument will give the new owner a lifetime of pleasure, one of the best we have ever seen.

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