Taylor K24CE Koa Acoustic Guitar



The Taylor K24ce Koa Series represents some of Taylor's most stunning and dramatic tonewoods. Growing at altitude on it's native Hawaii, the peaceful tranquility and earthy nature of the Islands comes through in the presentation of this guitar. The tone is far more intimate then the comparitive volume and projection found in traditional tone woods and it is when under the keen eye of a studio microphone that the true beauty and colour of this timber sprouts to life. The subtle nuance of Koa is a 'slow burner' as the captivating tone opens up more and more over time, delivering mid range punch, beautiful depth and sweetness that can only be found in this rare tonewood. The neck width of 1 3/4" paired with the Grand Auditorium body, make this the ideal guitar for any fingerstylist with enough breathy top end for the strummer or songwriter who wants a special relationship with their stunning instrument of choice. The patented Taylor CV releif rout allows the true voice of Koa to come through with every sweet note played.

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