Lowden O-35 Cedar/Rosewood


Our newest Lowden arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. This the O-35. It is one of Lowden's most famous models and with good reason. 'O' stands for 'Original Series' and this beautiful design is the guitar that first put Lowden on the map.
Built from Cedar and Indian Rosewood with a 5-piece Mahogany neck, the O-35 brings all the warmth, subtlety and harmonic overtones that Lowdens are famous for. The body is bound in highly figured Maple and features an intricate purfling of Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood. The headstock overlay is African Ebony on both the front and back. A Rosewood bridge featuring a split saddle design brings incredibly accurate tuning and intonation. Like all Lowdens, the 0-35 is the very pinnacle of tone, workmanship and attention to detail. 

Comes in a Lowden branded Hiscox case.

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