Ovation Double Neck Acoustic Guitar



O.K, so Jimmy Page used one, Richie Sambora also used one. Why use one neck when you can have 2!! With its specially designed Super-Shallow composite body-a favorite of stage performers-Ovationäó»s Celebrity doubleneck combines 6 and 12 string guitars into a single, easy-to-play instrument. With a figured maple top and matched, lightweight bracing that's designed to enhance punch and projection, this guitar covers all the bases. The OP-24+ preamp has 3-band EQ with the option to select 400 Hz or 1 kHz as the middle-band frequency, and a Pre-Shape circuit reduces rumble from frequencies below 40 Hz that can trigger feedback. A 3-way toggle switch allows players to quickly shift between 6 to 12 string pickups, or use a combination of both. Be the only person on your block to rock it old-school.


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