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The company who import LR Baggs product into Australia recently entered a car in the 24 Hour LeMon's Race recently held at Wakefield Park in NSW. It was to raise awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The LR Baggs product was donated by LR Baggs and were engraved/signed by the owner and designer himself Lloyd and all the funds we receive from the sale of the Baggs product (and other sponsors product) goes straight to the charity.

As far as we are aware Lloyd never signs his products like this so these are rare and one of a kind.

The 24 LeMons race has been run and tragically lost, but not without a massive fightback by the boys. The 6 Amigos did however win a major award for the week end and their sponsors, they won the "BACK FROM THE DEAD" award. The race is run over 2 days with 2 x 12 hour days. Unfortunately early on day 1, the car broke a conrod which is of course terminal. However like true race professionals the team sprang into action and commenced an immediate hunt for a second hand engine, as luck would have it a fellow competitor was a member of the WRX club and an engine that had been reconditioned for rallying was found just a few hours drive away. So the race to get back on the track began.

The boys drove down to near Sydney and brought the engine back to Wakefield Park. The engine was fitted by the 6 Amigos overnight and they were back in the race on Sunday morning, hence the award for the back from the dead category, was extremely well deserved.

Several thousand dollars was raised for prostate cancer by the 6 Amigos and their very generous sponsors. I thought the car looked fantastic with the Tanglewood guitars flying off the wing of the car. LR Baggs, Rotorsound, and Elixir Strings completed a strong music industry theme that attracted many comments from those attending the event.

So here is your chance to grab a very rare (only one of each pre-amp available) LR Baggs product and support a good cause.

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