To celebrate 30 years of Acoustic Centre, we have collaborated with our favourite builders to create a range of limited-edition versions of some of our favourite acoustic guitars of all time, arriving throughout 2023. To see our full range of exclusive models, click here.

In Maton's long history of celebrated acoustic guitars, the CW80 has to be one of the most iconic. First introduced in 1967, the classic dreadnought was a legendary part of Australian music history. For our 30th anniversary celebrations, we approached Maton with an idea we'd been considering for years: building the ultimate version of the classic CW80. After months of research, visits to the Maton factory, and consultations with Maton Custom Shop luthier Andy Allen, we're overjoyed with the results.

We started with one of our favourite sounding CW80's of all time, one known to Australian music lovers of all eras. Songwriter Steve Hoy lent his trusty CW80 to producer Mark Moffatt for Yothu Yindi's 1991 hit 'Treaty', the first Top 40 single by an Aboriginal band. We were lucky enough to borrow this guitar, and chose it as the starting point for our recreation.

Premium timbers are a must for a guitar of this level, and Maton sourced tonewoods especially for this product: gorgeous, tight-grained Adirondack spruce for the soundboards, and Genuine Mahogany from Brazil for the back, sides, and neck. We added a traditional Herringbone rosette, ebony headstock veneer, and figured Victorian Satin Box body binding, for a subtle, yet luxurious aesthetic. 

In a beautiful stroke of serendipity, 2023 marks Andy Allen's 30th year at Maton, and his long history with the brand and his phenomenal craftsmanship shines through in every aspect of this build. Each part of these guitars has been entirely created by Andy in his one-man Maton Custom Shop right down to the hand-beveled pickguard, designed, cut, and polished entirely by Andy, a beautifully crafted addition to this amazing instrument. Andy tells us with great pride, "It was important that these guitars were the best ever.Each instrument has been entirely hand-voiced by Andy, to get the absolute most out of each guitar for a truly hand-crafted tone and voice. 

One unique feature of the Custom Shop 'Acoustic Centre 30th Anniversary Custom CW' is a traditional, thin nitrocellulose finish. This lighter, more porous finish allows the timbers to vibrate more freely, reduces the guitar's weight, and ages beautifully. It's our favourite finish for an acoustic guitar, and we're thrilled to see this finish on a brand-new Maton guitar. 


Limited to 6 guitars and available exclusively through Acoustic Centre, this exceptional guitar sounds as good as it looks. The tone is loud, airy, and balanced, with classic Maton clarity and warmth in spades. We've chosen to keep this guitar purely acoustic, but Maton have kindly agreed to fit their Maton AP5 Pro pickup to any Custom CW at the owner's request at no extra charge. It also includes a Maton-branded Hiscox flight case, for ultimate protection.

We're delighted to finally unveil this magnificent limited-edition guitar. We're blown away by Maton's craftsmanship and attention to detail, and we know you will be too

Click here to check out more details on the Maton Custom Shop 'Acoustic Centre 30th Anniversary' Custom CW.


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