Acoustic Centre is honoured to be Australia’s only Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealer, a designation which highlights our commitment to offering the highest standard of service and expertise on Martin Guitars' styles, shapes, and rich history. As Custom Shop Experts, we also have exclusive access to the 'Custom Shop Expert Series' guitars, a collection of unique and finely crafted instruments unavailable elsewhere. For 2024, Martin have released the latest iteration of thier 'Custom Shop Expert' Series - the 1937 Style-18 Collection.

Martin's 1937 models are legendary, celebrated as the pinnacle of guitar performance and a benchmark for the many generations of guitars that followed. These instruments are not only coveted by collectors but are central to the sound of some of the most famous songs ever recorded.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The Custom Expert 1937 Style-18 Collection. meticulously recreates the vintage D-18 and 000-18 models with modern enhancements, including an adjustable truss rod. This combination of vintage authenticity and modern flexibility results in a powerful, bold sound, with clarity and responsiveness that extends up the neck. Available in both natural and Ambertone finishes with the option of Stage 1 Aging, these models have the feel, tone and vibe of some of the most sought-after acoustic guitars of all time.

A Sonic Marvel

Built with the finest Adirondack spruce tops and genuine mahogany back and sides, these guitars are crafted using the lightest and most authentic bracing patterns available from Martin, with a forward-shifted, deeply-scalloped X-brace. This original-spec design enhances vibration and resonance, allowing the guitar to project a clear, loud voice with deep bass and crisp highs, maintaining nuance even under the lightest touch.

The guitars feature an authentic neck shape, faithful to their 1937 origins, providing a chunky, comfortable grip ideal for expressive play with a well-worn, traditional feel and player-friendly 1-3/4" nut width. Each guitar includes a vintage-correct bone nut and saddle, ebony fingerboard and bridge, and is adorned with high-quality Waverly tuners, emphasising the commitment to quality and detail.

Exclusivity and Availability

Offered in Australia exclusively through Acoustic Centre, these guitars are available in natural and Ambertone sunburst finishes, with or without factory-aged finishes. The meticulous aging process, avoiding the exaggerated relic looks of some guitars, instead provides a subtle, authentic patina that enhances the vintage appeal without compromising the instrument’s integrity. They beatifully capture the patina and character of a 'used but not abused' vintage guitar.

The Martin Custom Shop 'Custom Expert' 1937 Style 18 Collection represents a confluence of history, craftsmanship, and modern guitar engineering. These guitars are not merely instruments but pieces of history crafted to provide a profound musical experience. With their powerful sound, beautiful finishes, and exceptional build quality, they promise to be more than just musical instruments; they are heirlooms in the making.

Check out our full range of Martin Custom Shop Expert guitars here.

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