Aaron Fenech has been building superb handmade guitars out of his Miami studio for years, with Fenech Guitars officially launching in 2016. Fenech specialise in all-solid acoustic guitars built with native timbers, sourced from small timber dealers who harvest sustainable and rarely-used Australian timbers such as Bunya pine, gidgee, mulga, blackheart sassafras, and camphor laurel.

Fenech build a wide range of styles and body shapes, each showcasing the raw and natural beauty of these timbers. 

“Every guitar within the Fenech Guitars Range features unique body shapes, aesthetics and appointments such as rosettes and inlays,” Aaron said. “It is these features coupled with our modern voicing techniques that allows us to cater for different tonal options, playing styles and that true one of a kind feel that only a master-built guitar provides.”

Fenech build 4 body shapes across their range - the small-bodied Auditorium, the versatile Grand Auditorium, the classic dreadnought D78 shape and a true Jumbo, for low end and punch. Each Fenech guitar is equipped with their own A1G pickup for instantly usable plugged-in tones.


VT Series

The VT (or 'Volume & Tone') Series blends both traditional and modern aspects to purposefully define the appearance and voice of these guitars. Fenech strip the luxurious appointments offered in their higher-end models, for a premium high quality handmade instrument and perfect for an everyday instrument. 

The VT Series features solid spruce tops, with solid back-and-sides in a variety of species - Blackwood (for midrange warmth), Camphor Laurel (tonally similar to Walnut, with wonderful shimmer) or New Guinea Rosewood (a mellower, sweeter timber).


VTH Series

The VTH Hardwood Series showcases Fenech's all-Blackwood or all-New Guinea Rosewood guitars. These instruments are not only visually striking, but have a warmer, deeper and more enveloping tone perfect for fingerpickers and gentler strummers.Ebony fingerboards, tasteful rosettes and hardwood inlays complete the earthy, subtle look.


VT Professional Series

The VT Pro system is a more prestigious, visually striking collection of instruments designed for professional players. Premium AAA figured Blackwood back-and-sides and a AAA Sitka Spruce soundboard, MOP accents and timber bindings give these guitars a luxurious feel, and the bracing has been hand-voiced for a wider tonal range with superb dynamic range.

The VTPR series takes the bones of the Pro series and replaces the Blackwood with superb Indian Rosewood, for more bass, volume and shimmer.


Master Built

Each Masterbuilt Series guitar is personally hand crafted and constructed by Aaron Fenech personally, with incredible master-grade timbers throughout, and an endless choice of tonal variations and visual appointments. Built using a blend of traditional and modern building techniques, Aaron hand-voices each guitar and selects the finest components for a truly boutique, handmade instrument.


For our range of in-stock Fenech Guitars, click here.

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