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Acoustic Centre  is proud to be one of the select few dealers chosen to offer the debut model of Powers Electric guitars, the innovative brand created by Andy Powers, head designer and CEO of Tayor Guitars. Designed from the ground up with a completely original remagining of the electric guitar, these beautiful and contemporary new instruments are a true reflection of Southern California’s vibrant culture.

Andy Powers and His Inspiration

"San Diego is the pot that I was boiled in," Andy Powers remarked at the exclusive launch of the Powers Electric A-Type guitar model. "I've lived here my whole life. The sights, the sounds, and the activities of this place have shaped who I am." Designed with the vibrant musical, artistic, and architectural backdrop of San Diego’s in mind—think surfing, skateboards, and classic cars—Powers Electric blends these influences and aesthetics to provide players with a new tool to enrich and inspire their creative expression.

Unique Design and Craftsmanship

Each guitar is meticulously crafted almost entirely from in-house made parts, ensuring a unique and high-quality instrument that is produced in limited quantities. Drawing inspiration from classic cars, hot rods, and surfboard design, the Powers Electric A-Type guitar features an asymmetrical shape that maintains visual balance. Its sleek, hollowbody design is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with every line meticulously considered for both looks and handling.

Each guitar features colorful knobs and vibrato arm caps crafted from surfboard resin, ensuring that no two resin knobs are exactly alike. Available in a mind-boggling array of colours, the Powers Electric A-Type is a unique and inspring guitar with bold yet familiar aesthetics.

Comfortable Playability

The A-Type is designed for ease of use, whether played standing or sitting. It is lightweight and perfectly balanced, with contoured armrests and radiused body edges for added comfort. The Honduras rosewood fretboard features a split radius, making string bends easier and better-sounding.

To address the common issue of pitch-shifting tails going out of tune, Andy Powers has engineered the "CamTail" tremolo system from the ground up. This innovative design ensures that strings move in pitch unison, similar to the way lap and pedal steel guitarists maintain relative pitch, while feeling familiar to a player's movements.

Advanced Body Architecture

Each Powers Electric A-Type guitar features an Urban Ash hollowbody with internal soundposts and a braced, solid maple top. This design enhances resonance and sustain while reducing feedback.

Innovative Pickups

The Powers Electric A-Type is available with two types of pickups: the full Faraday (FF42) for clarity and warmth, and the partial Faraday (PF42) for a firm, brighter response. These pickups combine modern magnetic structures with traditional inspirations, producing unparalleled fidelity and warmth.

Explore the latest Powers Electric guitars at Acoustic Centre and find the perfect instrument to inspire your musical creativity - click here for our available guitars!

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