At Acoustic Centre, we take immense pride in our three-decade journey as a haven for acoustic music enthusiasts. To mark this milestone, we've partnered with some of the most distinguished luthiers to create limited-edition masterpieces. As part of our celebrations one of our favourite Australian luthiers, Victorian builder David Worthy, has crafted something truly exceptional - the 'Acoustic Centre 30th Anniversary' Brazilian Series.

The Artistry of David Worthy

David Worthy, renowned for his craft and precision, hails from the picturesque region of Dandenong, Victoria. With each guitar he creates, Worthy channels his passion and expertise into a work of art. We've long been fans of David's work, and his passion and uncompromising standards are inspiring. For Acoustic Centre's 30th Anniversary, he's gone above and beyond by crafting not one, but three extraordinary instruments, all showcasing the harmonious marriage of Engelmann Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood; his signature small-bodied Talisman shape, a stunning and sophisticated 12-fret Parlour guitar, and a rich, powerful slope-shouldered dreadnought.

Worthy's 30th Anniversary collection comprises three distinct body shapes, each designed to capture a unique tonal and visual experience. These exquisite instruments are adorned with Engelmann Spruce tops, Brazilian Rosewood backs and sides, and Mahogany necks, a combination that results in a balanced and airy tonal profile, with rich overtones, deep, sonorous fundamentals and a truly world-class playing experience.

But it doesn't stop at sound – these guitars are visual marvels. Ebony bindings, hand-crafted rosettes featuring Ringed Gidgee and blackwood, ebony fretboards and bridges and tasteful appointments all come together to create instruments that are as visually stunning as they are sonically impressive. 

David Worthy's commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of these guitars. He has incorporated hand-scalloped and tuned braces, a Carbon Fiber ultra-lightweight reinforced neck, laminated tail blocks, and luxurious Waverly and Gotoh 510 tuning machines. However, the true star of these guitars is the Brazilian Rosewood.

Brazilian Rosewood: A Rare Treasure

Brazilian Rosewood has long held a revered status among acoustic guitar enthusiasts. This South American hardwood is renowned for its magical tonal character and exceptional beauty. The Brazilian Rosewood selected by David for this collection is a sight to behold and offers an otherworldly tonal experience.

The wood produces a warm, rich tone with full deep bass and brilliant trebles. It offers outstanding sustain and clarity, making it the top choice for many discerning musicians. Given the choice, some players wouldn't settle for anything less.

Part of Brazilian Rosewood's mystique comes from its history. It was widely used in many iconic vintage acoustic and electric guitars until the late '60s. Instruments like the '59 Gibson Les Paul, '62 Fender Stratocaster, or '48 Martin 000-28 boast Brazilian Rosewood fretboards and backs and sides. Its popularity skyrocketed in the early half of the last century, and its scarcity since then has only added to its allure.

In 1992, Brazilian Rosewood was added to the CITES treaty, strictly limiting its exportation. Today, it can only be sourced from pre-CITES harvested wood or trees that have fallen naturally, accompanied by a certificate of provenance.

The Allure of Brazilian Rosewood

Beyond its historical significance, Brazilian Rosewood is prized for its exquisite appearance. It ranges from dark chocolate brown to intricate grain patterns of gold, black, brown, and oxblood hues, making it visually stunning.

While aesthetics play a part, musicians often choose Brazilian Rosewood for its sonic attributes. Despite its reputation for warmth, Brazilian Rosewood is actually hard and dense, sometimes even brittle. This characteristic contributes to a clear, crisp, and ringing tone that many players adore. Sometimes described as the perfect meeting point between the piano-like bass response of rosewood with the warmth and sweetness of mahogany, it's a holy grail tonewood in every sense.

A Collector's Dream

David Worthy's Brazilian Series for Acoustic Centre's 30th Anniversary is a remarkable testament to craftsmanship, history, and tonal excellence. These guitars are not just instruments; they are collector's items, each telling a story of rare woods and expert luthiery. They each come with a hardshell case for protection, ensuring that they remain timeless treasures for discerning musicians.

For those who demand the finest in their acoustic instruments, David Worthy's Brazilian Series is an opportunity to own a piece of luthiery history. With their breathtaking Brazilian Rosewood and impeccable craftsmanship, these guitars stand as a testament to Acoustic Centre's commitment to excellence, both now and for the next 30 years and beyond. Don't miss your chance to own one of these one-of-a-kind gems.

Check out the full series here.

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