About Us

The Acoustic Centre has been in existence for 25 years servicing the music community Australia wide. We are Australia's only dedicated acoustic store, located at 206 Park St, South Melbourne . We offer in-house guitar repairs, excellent customer service and great gear at super competitive prices.

We are real people and real musicians who live and breathe this stuff. We gig, rehearse, record and tour...we know about guitars and we are here to help you make an informed decision on the right guitar. Combined, we have literally done thousands of gigs all over the country and we know a tonne about gear!

Meet the Acoustic Centre staff:


Owner, proud bass player, one of the smoothest strummers in the business. 

Guitar of choice: Maton Custom Traditional


Queenslander, self-proclaimed inventor of the 'sadcore' music genre.

Guitar of choice: Martin D-18A 1939 Authentic


Tone aficionado, food connoisseur, international man of mystery.

Guitar of choice: Gibson Country & Country Model


Traditionalist, proud purveyor of the rhythm & blues, owner of more guitars than we'd care to imagine.

Guitar of choice: Harmony Espanada Archtop


Resident celebrity, lover of fine footwear, guitar and whisky enthusiast.

Guitar of choice: Martin OM-21


Country music star, chicken picker, gun for hire.

Guitar of choice: Martin D-42


The store is open Monday to Friday from 10-6pm and Saturday from 10-4pm. You are welcome to come in and check out gear, meet the staff or just brouse.

We can be contacted by phone on 03 9699 5691, email at info@acousticcentre.com.au, live chat or we can talk to you face-to-face in the store. 

We look forward to hearing from you...

The Acoustic Centre Crew.