Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings

Available at Acoustic Centre Melbourne

The Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings are designed to provide excellent performance qualities similar to gut strings, while addressing the typical drawbacks of gut material. These strings offer a balanced combination of prompt attack, exceptional acoustic projection, and stability of intonation under changing moisture conditions. The Alabastro Series aims to capture the qualities of traditional gut strings without the associated issues of cost, durability, and instability.


Gut-Like Qualities: The Alabastro Series is designed to replicate the acoustic properties of gut strings, including the promptness of attack and excellent sound projection. This makes these strings an ideal choice for guitarists seeking a classic sound with modern benefits.

Supernylgut Construction: Aquila's Supernylgut material is used for both the treble and bass strings of the Alabastro Series. This synthetic material offers qualities similar to gut strings, including excellent acoustic performance and intonation stability, while avoiding gut's downsides.

Better Brightness Than Nylon: The Alabastro strings exhibit a brighter tone than traditional nylon strings, enhancing the tonal characteristics of your guitar without reaching the brightness levels of fluorocarbon strings.

Bass Strings with Multifilament Core: The Alabastro bass strings feature a Supernylgut multifilament core that provides both high tensile strength and stability in response to climate changes. This ensures consistent intonation and acoustic performance even when humidity levels fluctuate.

Silver-Plated Copper Winding: The bass strings are wound with high-quality silver-plated copper, which not only enhances their tonal richness but also contributes to their durability.

Multiple Tension Options: The Alabastro sets are available in three levels of tension: Light, Normal, and Superior. This allows guitarists to choose the tension that best suits their playing style and preferences.

Optimal Sound Connection: The synergy between the treble and bass strings in the Alabastro sets is designed to provide an optimal "sound connection." The prompt attack and projection of the treble strings complement the bass strings' stability and tonal qualities.

Intonation Stability: One of the standout features of the Alabastro Series is its intonation stability, which is even higher than that of traditional nylon strings. This means your guitar will maintain accurate intonation across the fretboard.

Long String Life: The Alabastro bass strings' construction ensures not only high tensile strength but also low moisture absorption. This contributes to a longer string life, as the strings are less prone to the effects of humidity and sweat.

In conclusion, the Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings offer a unique combination of gut-like acoustic qualities, stability of intonation, and enhanced brightness. Designed to address the challenges of traditional gut strings while capturing their desirable sound characteristics, the Alabastro Series is an excellent choice for guitarists seeking a classic yet modern string option.

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