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AER Compact 60 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier


The compact 60 has proven that there is an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple to use complete solution for stage, studio and home use that works up to the highest demands and standards of acoustic players. 60 Watts, dynamic control, 8" (200 mm) twin cone speaker, Twin channel, 3 and 2 band EQ, Digital effect processor with 4 presets (2 x reverb/delay/chorus) 6,5 kg. Comes with a padded shoulder bag. Technical specifications TD20120605 Technical data Inputs (notes 1, 2, 4) channel 1 High impedance, unbalanced input for instruments (pick-ups) and line-level sources Mono jack socket, ¼” (6.35 mm) Sensitivity: 22 mV (–33 dBV) High/low (attenuator) switch: –10 dB Impedance: 2.2 Meg Equivalent input noise, A-weighted: 1 uV (–120 dBV) Phantom power (optional): 9 V DC / max. 100 mA, short-circuit protected Switchable instrument or microphone input Combo socket, XLR + jack ¼” (6.35 mm) line mode High impedance, unbalanced input for instruments (pick-ups) and line-level sources Jack socket only Sensitivity: 27 mV (–31 dBV) Impedance: 1 Meg Equivalent input noise, A-weighted: 2.4 uV (–112 dBV) channel 2 mic mode XLR (balanced), stereo jack (balanced), or mono jack (unbalanced) input Sensitivity: 3.3 mV (–50 dBV) Impedance (balanced mode): 1.2 k Impedance (unbalanced mode): 2.7 k Voice filter: –10 dB at 270 Hz (referred to 10 kHz) Equivalent input noise, A-weighted: 0.8 uV (–122 dBV) Phantom power (XLR only): 48 V, max. 10 mA, short-circuit protected clip indicators for ch. 1 and 2 Headroom: min. 8 dB return Input from external parallel effect loop, or supplementary input, before master volume Mono jack, ¼” (6.35 mm) Sensitivity: 320 mV (–10 dBV) Impedance: 20 k (note: impedance changes to 5 k while external effect is switched OFF by footswitch) Outputs (note 3) phones Headphones output. When plugged in, internal speaker is muted. Stereo jack socket, L/R connected, ¼” (6.35 mm) Max. output power: 2 x 100 mW / 1000 ohm Input sensitivity for 2 x 50 mW / 1000 ohm: 23 mV (–33 dBV) at channel 1 input Impedance: 470 ohm (common for L and R) Note: Suitable for headphones with stereo jack. Does not work with mono jacks. tuner Tuner output Mono jack socket ¼” (6.35 mm) Output voltage: 340 mV (–9 dBV) line out Preamplifier output after tone controls, with effects, and after master volume Mono jack, ¼” (6.35 mm) Output voltage: 1.4 V (+3 dBV) DI-out Balanced XLR output before master, after tone controls, without effects 1 = ground 2 = positive 3 = negative Differential output voltage: 140 mV (–17 dBV) send Output to external parallel effect loop Before master, after tone controls Mono jack, ¼” (6.35 mm) Output voltage: 1.4 V (+3 dBV) Footswitch connector footswitch Stereo jack socket ¼” (6.35 mm) for a dual footswitch Tip = internal effect on/off Ring = external effect on/off Sleeve = common (ground) Effect is OFF when the footswitch is ON. Tone controls ch. 1 colour –3 dB at 700 Hz, +10 dB at 8 kHz bass 8 dB at 100 Hz (shelf type) middle 6 dB at 800 Hz treble 8 dB at 10 kHz (shelf type) ch. 2 bass 8 dB at 100 Hz (shelf type) treble 11 dB at 10 kHz (shelf type) Effects Internal effects 1 Reverb 1 2 Reverb 2 3 Delay 4 Chorus External effect Parallel effect loop (see also send and return). eff. pan Blends both internal and external effects between channels 1 and 2, with reverse direction of rotation for the external effects. Power Power amp 60 W / 4 ohm, DMOS, monolithic I.C. Dynamic range, A-weighted: 92 dB (note 2) Limiter threshold 50 W Analog signal processing Dedicated equalizer, subsonic filter, adaptive peak limiter Speaker system 8” (200 mm) twin cone full-range speaker, bass reflex enclosure Mains power Mains voltage (depending on model): 100, 120, 230, or 240 V AC, 50–60 Hz Power consumption: max. 120 W Mains fuse 5 x 20 mm T 1 A L / 250 V for 230 and 240 V models T 2 A L / 250 V for 100 and 120 V models General Cabinet 12 mm (0.47”) birch plywood Finish Waterbased acrylic, black spatter finish (standard model) Dimensions 260 mm (10.2“) high 325 mm (12.8“) wide 235 mm (9.25“) deep Weight 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) Notes: 1. Sensitivity Input sensitivities refer to 50 W into 4 ohm, full gain and master settings, neutral tone control settings, and 1 kHz sine-wave test signal. 2. Noise and dynamic range Equivalent input noise voltages are typical values obtained by measuring noise voltage at speaker output and dividing by the voltage gain of the amplifier for white noise. Full gain and master settings, neutral tone control settings, input shorted, measuring bandwidth 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Dynamic range of power amplifier: Ratio of between output signal at limiter threshold to A-weighted output noise with master in zero position. 3. Output levels Output levels refer to 50 mV / 1 kHz sine-wave test signal at channel 1 input, full gain and master settings, neutral tone control settings, send fully clockwise. 4. Options Gain of channel 2 in mic mode can be decreased by 4.6 dB by an internal jumper. 48 V phantom power can be deactivated by an internal jumper. 9 V phantom power for channel 1 can be applied by an internal jumper to the “ring” terminal of the input jack. Caution: Use this option with care. Read the operating instructions. 

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