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Kemper Profiler Player Profiling Amplifier

Behold the KEMPER PROFILER PLAYER - THE LITTLE GREEN BEAST PREMIUM PEDAL, a groundbreaking testament to the evolution of the PROFILER platform:

The KEMPER PROFILER has reshaped the realm of guitar tones, and the latest KEMPER PROFILING technology combined with Liquid Profiles sets a new standard for amp tones, ensuring consistent accuracy and unparalleled convenience whether you're touring, traveling, or in the studio.

The KEMPER PROFILER Player represents the pinnacle of professional amp tones and studio-grade FX in a compact footprint. It occupies only the floorboard space of two standard distortion pedals, yet it transforms any pedalboard into a touring-grade rig. Moreover, it's a touring-grade rig in its own right, compact enough to fit in your guitar bag. With access to the complete array of KEMPER amp tones (yes, the Amp section matches its famous Big Brothers, loading any amp PROFILE from the extensive library of free and commercial PROFILEs), selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities, the Player excels at home, in the studio, in rehearsals, and on stage.

MADE IN GERMANY: THE LITTLE GREEN MONSTER, THE SON OF A PROFILER, THE KEMPER PROFILER PLAYER, PREMIUM PEDAL - CONCEPT AND FEATURES At first glance, the PROFILER Player is a user-friendly guitar amp with classic controls to store your cherished amp channel settings.

The Player's amp section mirrors the sound of its renowned Big Brothers and readily loads any amp PROFILE from the extensive library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs.

Rigs from the big PROFILERs are fully compatible within the limits of the Player's 4 FX slots.

For deeper exploration and access to individual effect settings, the Rig Manager remote app connects to the Player via USB or WLAN on your preferred platform.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth to jam along with your guitar licks on Spotify.

The Player is the perfect rehearsal amp at home and a self-contained KEMPER PROFILER on stage.

Combine the PROFILER Player with one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets to create a combo amp setup.

The Player's versatility extends to bass players, acoustic guitarists, and keyboard players who can harness its tube amp PROFILEs and studio-grade effects.

Expand live control with expression pedals or additional foot-switches. MIDI via USB - Supports standard USB2MIDI cables.

Four effect blocks elevate the Player to a professional stand-alone live solution. The PROFILER Player offers a selection of some of the world's finest effects, with KEMPER's reputation stemming from the creation of the ACCESS™ VIRUS™, one of the most successful synthesizers ever produced, spanning nearly 25 years.

In addition to standard effects, you'll find rare algorithms not commonly found in a guitar processor, including an authentic rotary speaker and top-tier studio-grade reverbs, offering incredible rooms, expansive halls, lush ambiences, and more.

The Player's signal chain incorporates 4 effect modules in addition to the amplifier stack, with two effects placed "pre" the amp stack and two "post" the amp. The post-amp modules excel for delay and reverb effects, offering "spillover" to maintain sonic continuity when switching to another Rig.

The Player boasts a vast selection of 136 different FX settings, curated from the legendary KEMPER PROFILER FX arsenal that features over 444 FX presets.

Liquid Profiling™ LIQUID PROFILES For the first time ever, the acclaimed patented PROFILING technology seamlessly integrates with modeling.

Guitarists and producers can now access exact PROFILEs of their individual amps and tap into the original sonic spectrum of their amp's brand, including authentic tone stacks and gain behavior.

Compared to regular PROFILEs, Liquid Profiles feature precise authentic tone stacks and "gain behavior," eliminating snapshot limitations.

This allows for authentic playability, whether you're exploring tone stacks of a classic Class A combo on a Plexi Head or more.

PROFILING and modeling come together to offer the best of both worlds, providing access to bold worlds with the PROFILER's bold promise!


  • Rig Manager: Unprecedented full remote app control of the Player on multiple computer platforms, including Mac, PC, Android tablet, Android phone, Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, and Apple iPhone.
  • Extended Rig management with access to 20,000 user-generated Rigs via Rig Manager on Mac and PC.
  • Support for the innovative Liquid Profiles.
  • Seamless cross-fading Rig switching and smooth delay/reverb spillover at any time, eliminating the need for artificial scene handling.
  • High-quality instrument input with a wide dynamic range, crucial for high-gain sounds.
  • Accommodates external distortion pedals and effects like a tube amp.
  • Retains sound edits when powering down.
  • 3 independently controllable output groups via XLR, Stereo Monitor, Stereo Headphone.
  • Ground-lifted XLR connects directly to the FOH mixing desk at studio level without DI boxes.
  • Two TS jacks connect to your home studio or to one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets in full stereo.
  • Full support of the KEMPER Kone and KEMPER Kabinet for full-range reproduction, along with the highly acclaimed "Imprint" mode for true "cabinet-in-the-room" sound.
  • Capable of loading Cabinet IRs.
  • Full USB audio capabilities for play-along and professional DAWs.
  • Full USB midi capabilities for DAWs.
  • MIDI program change and control via standard USB Midi adapter (not included).
  • MIDI support for external USB foot controllers.
  • Convenient data backup/restore and software updates via USB.
  • USB jack for charging your tablet throughout extended gigs.
  • Customizable footswitches and dual footswitch combinations.
  • Dual expression pedal and external switch compatibility.
  • Unique spectral noise gate to suppress pickup hum.
  • Always-on tuner.
  • Patented "Pure Cabinet" feature for taming excessive frequency spikes of mic'ed cabinets.
  • "Space" effect for headphones to enhance fatigue-free rehearsals.
  • High-power headphone output.

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